Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Robert Aschberg is a communist, anti-white jewish dickhead.

“The time when the Swede could criticize the plans of the Chosen people unpunished has passed”
As more and more Swedish people are understanding that the immigration invasion into Europe is a planned calculated genocidal plan masterminded by the eternal enemy Jew, the resistance toward International Jewry grows stronger. In their panic, Jews threaten to persecute and inflict deadly violence to those who do not accept being displaced and replaced in their ancestral homelands.

Aschberg Dickhead

The Troll Hunters
A group of journalists and researchers wade into ugly corners of the Internet to expose racists, creeps, and hypocrites. Have they gone too far?
By Adrian Chen on December 18, 2014
We’ve come up with the menacing term “troll” for someone who spreads hate and does other horrible things anonymously on the Internet. Internet trolls are unsettling not just because of the things they say but for the mystery they represent: what kind of person could be so vile? One afternoon this fall, the Swedish journalist Robert Aschberg sat on a patio outside a drab apartment building in a suburb of Stockholm, face to face with an Internet troll, trying to answer this question. The troll turned out to be a quiet, skinny man in his 30s, wearing a hoodie and a dirty baseball cap—a sorry foil to Aschberg’s smart suit jacket, gleaming bald head, and TV-trained baritone. …
The goal of Troll Hunter is not to rid the Internet of every troll. “The agenda is to raise hell about all the hate on the Net,” he says. “To start a discussion.”
Back at the Troll Hunter office, a whiteboard organized Aschberg’s agenda. Dossiers on other trolls were tacked up in two rows: a pair of teens who anonymously slander their high school classmates on Instagram, a politician who runs a racist website, a male law student who stole the identity of a young woman to entice another man into an online relationship. In a sign of the issue’s resonance in Sweden, a pithy neologism has been coined to encompass all these forms of online nastiness: näthat (“Net hate”). Troll Hunter, which has become a minor hit for its brash tackling of näthat, is currently filming its second season.


 Robert Aschberg (born 19 March 1952 on Kungsholmen, Stockholm) is a Swedish journalist, media executive, and one of Sweden’s most popular TV personalities.[1] He works for the TV3. Robert is the grandson of Olof Aschberg, a Swedish-Jewish bank entrepreneur.

Olof Aschberg (22 July 1877 – 21 April 1960) was a Swedish banker and businessman. Aschberg was a leftist sympathizer and helped finance the Bolsheviks in Russia. In gratitude, the Bolshevik government allowed Aschberg to do business with Soviet Union during the 1920s. Aschberg became head of Ruskombank, the first Soviet international bank.[1]


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Theodore Herzl's vision of a multi-cultural Israel

They should address a terrible scandal that taints Israel’s cities: all of them have one of their main streets named after a bearded Viennese self-hating Jew called Theodor Herzl. This man wrote a despicable book called Altneuland, containing absolutely horrid anti-Zionist propaganda.
He promoted a country in which Jewish religion has no formal standing at all. Herzl believed that the Temple-Mount should be avoided, and any reconstruction of the temple should just be another synagogue. Worst of all: Herzl’s horrible work takes pride in the treacherous notion that the Nation-state of the Jews gives completely equal rights to all citizens, including Arabs, and is cosmopolitan in nature. Herzl even thought that the country should be multi-cultural and multi-lingual, including both Yiddish and German!
Herzl multicultural Israel

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Anti Israel Activist Natali Vaxberg-Cohen makes good on her threat to shit on the Israeli Flag, Israeli Police investigating

Natali Vaxberg-Cohen, Israel Based anti Israeli Activist-Holocaust Revisionist-Zionist Critic, threatens to poop on the Israeli Flag in her Magnum Opus performance video 'The Holocaust Visits Yad Vashem'


        Apparently, she made good on her threat to do exactly just that and now the Israeli Police are investigating. (from Haaretz)

Police to investigate leftist activist for defecating on Israeli flag
Freedom of expression not an absolute value, and may not clash with other values, say police.

    The Tel Aviv District Police are planning to open an investigation into a left-wing activist who uploaded a video to the Internet in which she can be seen defecating on an Israeli flag while Israel's national anthem, Hatikva, plays in the background.

The police received the video, in which the woman's face can be clearly seen, over the weekend. The district commander, Maj. Gen. Bentzi Sau, described the video as "extremely vulgar" and ordered an investigation of the young woman on suspicion of damaging the symbols
of power and the state flag.

Natali Poops On The Israeli Flag

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jewish Terror in Russia before The Bolsheviks

        Before the Bolsheviks.  Jewish Revolutionary-Terrorist Vera Figner led her 'People's Will' Party (Narodnya Volya) to conspire to assassinate Czar Alexander II. The Milwaukee Journal captured this story on Sept. 9, 1928.

      And so shaken were the Russian People by this act of  Anti Russian Jewish Terrorism that they made an entire 'Terrorist Museum' to document it.